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What is HA5?

Published on October 24, 2016

Properly hydrated skin looks better and feels younger. It’s no wonder that pumping your skin full of moisture is a great way to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. That’s exactly what SkinMedica’s new HA5 complex is designed

Eyelid Lift Tampa

Published on October 21, 2016

In the blink of an eye it can seem like our faces change and those common signs of aging such as sagging, creases, wrinkles and bags appear. The premature aging can make us look not only older than we are

Face Lift Tampa

Published on October 8, 2016

We are all familiar with the aging process and have witnessed first hand the changes in our own appearance. As the years pass we lose elasticity in our skin creating lose, sagging skin in the jowls, neck, jaw line, and

Oculoplastic & Facial Cosmetic Surgery Tampa

Published on September 25, 2016

The Eyelids and Face are common areas for skin cancer to appear. We often see skin cancer occur in the lower eyelid and it can appear as a painless, elevated nodule. There are, of course, different types of cancer, some

Injectable Facial Rejuvenation Tampa

Published on September 12, 2016

We are lucky to live in a day and age where there are so many different options available when it comes to facial rejuvenation. However, with so many options available, it can be a little bit overwhelming to know what

Kybella versus Neck Lift: Which is for me?

Published on September 7, 2016

It wasn’t so long ago that a neck lift was your only option if you wanted to get rid of a double chin. While diet can help, there are many people with excellent diets who still have to deal with

5 Biggest Myths About Fillers

Published on August 30, 2016

Even though many people swear by filers, there are still a LOT of misconceptions about them. It’s important that you can separate the facts from the myths before you head to the doctor’s office. Here are a few of the

Earlobe Repair Tampa

Published on August 28, 2016

Earlobe Repair is a cosmetic surgical procedure to improve the skin and tissue of the earlobes. Patients seek out Earlobe Repair Tampa because an earlobe has been stretched from a piercing or after years of wearing heavy earrings. An earlobe may

3 Ways to Make Your Skin Care Products More Effective

Published on August 24, 2016

Have you ever tried a skin care product and just felt like it didn’t do anything for you? You aren’t alone. Many people experience this problem. However, your new product may not be to blame for the lack of results.

Botox Tampa

Published on August 17, 2016

Botox is one of the most popular non-surgical facial rejuvenation procedures performed today for both men and women. Botox is administered via injection into the specified area of the face where lines or creases are forming due to repetitive muscle


"I knew I wanted to try BOTOX® Cosmetic, but felt bombarded by all the bad marketing and was unsure where and who to choose"

"I knew I wanted to try BOTOX® Cosmetic, but felt bombarded by all the bad marketing and was unsure where and who to choose for my first treatment."

"I am ecstatic with the results and love Dr. Mack and his incredible staff. I would highly recommend him!"

"Reassured by Dr. Mack, due to his extensive training in his area of specialty and his very caring staff. I was extremely pleased with my results!"