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Facial Cosmetic Surgery Questions Tampa

Q & A with William P. Mack, MD:


Are cosmetic consultations complimentary to first time patients?
Yes, if you are considering a cosmetic procedure or surgery, your consultation with Dr. Mack will be complimentary.

What age do most people have cosmetic surgery?
The average age of patients receiving cosmetic surgery is 41. Treatments such as facial fillers and BOTOX® Cosmetic are common among all age groups.

Are men considering facial cosmetic surgery?
According to the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery’s 2005 Procedural survey, one of the top five most popular procedures among men happens to be BOTOX® Cosmetic treatments. The members of AACS report that they continue to see more and more men visit their offices. And the recent Consumer Survey conducted by the AACS shows that 12% of men plan to have cosmetic surgery at some point in the future.

Will I still look like myself after facial cosmetic surgery?
Many of our patients report that, upon return to work and routine daily activities, friends and acquaintances make the following remarks: “Wow you look great. Did you change your hairstyle?” or “Have you been on vacation?” Retaining your uniqueness is the sign of a successful procedure. Although the change may be significant to you, it’s not uncommon that friends and family don’t really notice the specific changes, but just a refreshed younger appearance.

Sugery FAQ’s

When can I wear makeup again?
3 weeks post-surgery.

When can I start exercising
Varies per patient, typically patients can start slowly getting back with minimal exercising 2-3 weeks post-surgery.

How Soon can I get a facial?
3 – 4 weeks post-surgery.

How Soon can I wash my face?
Gently with a gentle cleanser and 4×4 gauze for 72 hours, no splashing or getting the sutures wet.

When can I fly again?
4 weeks post-surgery, and be able to come back for another follow up.

What Outpatient Surgery Center does Dr. Mack perform his surgeries at?
The Mack Center, Tampa Bay Surgery Center, Brandon Surgery Center, Belleair Surgery center and Seascape (Bowman) Surgery Center.

Is there a Pre-Op appointment required before surgery?
Yes, the surgery center will call you to set that up.

Do I need to get medically approved for surgery?
Yes your primary care doctor needs to authorize you by signing our Medical Clearance Form.

When can I resume my medications after surgery?
48 hours post-surgery.

When is Dr. Mack’s cosmetic surgery fee due?
3 weeks prior to your surgery.

When are the facility and anesthesia fee due?
The day of surgery made out to the respective surgery center.

How much do I need to put down to hold my scheduled surgery?

How long are my sutures in?
7-10 days post-surgery.

When can I fully wash my face?
After your sutures are ok, but, no rubbing of the incision site.

Is facial cosmetic surgery inpatient or outpatient?
Dr. Mack performs all of his surgeries at a freestanding certified outpatient surgical center. Dr. Mack also performs surgery in the Mack Center several times a month. Many cosmetic patients like this approach as they save on facility fees.

What anesthesia will I receive for my facial cosmetic surgery?
Dr. Mack performs most of his surgeries under IV Sedation with local anesthesia. Occasionally, general anesthesia is needed.

Is an overnight stay required for my facial cosmetic surgery?
All of Dr. Mack’s surgeries are on an outpatient basis and do not require an overnight stay.

How long should I expect to be out from work following facial cosmetic surgery?
Most patients take one week off from work and are encouraged to limit their activity during this time period. Occasionally, patients may be encouraged to take off 10-14 days, depending on the particular surgery. After two weeks, any residual bruising and swelling usually can easily be camouflaged with make-up.

Will my insurance cover my surgery?
Cosmetic surgery is not covered by insurance. Some functional and/or medically necessary surgeries may be covered, such as blepharoplasty and ptosis surgery.

Upper and Lower Blepharoplasty FAQs

When can I wear my contacts again?
3-4 weeks post-surgery.

When can I resume my Obagi® ELASTIderm® Eye Cream?
3 weeks after suture removal.

How long should I wear my eye shields as I sleep?
For 2 weeks, especially the first couple nights after your sutures are removed to decrease the chances of your crease opening.

When can I start wearing eye makeup again?
We recommend buying new products and applicators and typically around 3 weeks post-surgery.

Will I have external sutures?
No your lower eyelid blepharoplasty surgery is performed internally.

How long are my sutures in?
7-10 days post-surgery.

Facelift FAQs

What is a minimal incision facelift?
Facelift or (rhytidectomy) is a surgical procedure designed to improve the excess fat under the chin, tighten the muscles beneath the skin of the neck and removing sagging skin. This results in a firmer neck and jawline, reduces jowls and the “turkey” neck, resulting in a youthful, refreshed appearance.

How long will a minimal incision facelift last’s?
Many factors will influence how long a facelift will last. Factors that increase longevity are good diet, avoiding smoking and protection from sun exposure.

When can I return to work after my facelift procedure?
Most patients return to work in 1 to 2 weeks.

What can be expected during the facelift recovery period?
Patients experience minimal discomfort, which usually clears up within the first few days. A firm facial dressing is applied the night of surgery to reduce swelling and bruising. There can be varying degrees of swelling and bruising between patients. A facial elastic support dressing is used for the first week following surgery. Patients are encouraged to avoid lifting, bending and strenuous activity for 2-3 weeks following surgery.

Are dressings applied after a facelift?
Yes, a facial dressing is applied to the head and neck for the first night following surgery. The bandages are removed the day after the procedure during your post-operative visit.

What are the benefits of the Minimal Incision Facelift Surgery?
A quicker recovery is possible secondary to minimal incisions with resultant less bruising and swelling.

How do I schedule a facelift appointment?
Please call Dr. Mack at (813) 875-5437 to schedule an appointment at your convenience. For more information about our procedures, visit our Tampa Facelift page.

BOTOX® Cosmetic FAQs

How long does BOTOX® Cosmetic last?
Typically from 3-4 months.

Can I go back to work after my treatment?

Is it instant?
No BOTOX® Cosmetic will be in full effect about 5 days after your treatment.

How long does the procedure take?
About 5 minutes.

Can I wear makeup immediately after?

How often do I need to come back?
3-4 months.

If I stop using BOTOX® Cosmetic, what will happen?
The lines that were relaxed due to the BOTOX® Cosmetic will slowly come back.

Will my facial expressions continue to look natural with BOTOX® Cosmetic treatment?
Although the results are visible, a treatment with BOTOX® Cosmetic will not radically change your facial appearance or make you look as if you “had work done.” The muscle activity that causes frown lines between the brows is simply reduced, so you can still frown or look surprised without the wrinkles and creases between your brows.

Facial Fillers FAQs

Can I go back to work immediately after the procedure?
Yes, you will have small red marks from the injection site and minimal bruising and swelling. Most of all the bruising, swelling and injection marks can be covered with make-up.

Can I wear make-up immediately after I receive facial fillers?

Are facial fillers instant?
Yes, however you may not see the “finished product” until all your swelling has subsided.

How often do I need to come back for facial fillers?
Depends on the product used, however, our patients’ average from 6-12 months.

Can Dr. Mack use BOTOX® Cosmetic instead of facial fillers to treat areas?
No, BOTOX® Cosmetic is used to relax facial muscles, which are causing expression lines, whereas, facial fillers are filling areas where volume has been lost.

How long will the procedure take?
About 20 minutes.

If I stop using facial fillers what will happen?
Once the product has worn off, the areas where volume was lost will now be back to how it was prior to the treatment.

What areas of the face are treated with facial fillers?
Facial fillers are used to treat wrinkles in the area of the nasolabial folds, perioral lines around the mouth, depressed scars and in the periorbital area (area around the eyes).

How long will facial fillers treatment last?
Facial filler treatments are performed in our office by Dr Mack, who does all of his own injections, and take about ten to fifteen minutes.

What are facial filler treatments like?
Facial fillers are pre-loaded in syringes for use in treating and correcting facial lines. A topical anesthetic is applied with some patients also using local anesthetic as needed. Ice packs are then applied and the facial filler is injected into the wrinkle, through a tiny needle, and placed just under your skin. The results are immediate and long lasting.

How long will the results of facial dermal fillers last?
Depending on the area treated, most of your correction may last for six months to a year. Some touch-up treatments maybe necessary.

What are the risks of facial dermal fillers?
Each filler has its own unique risks associated with it. However, risks generally include allergic reactions, bruising, swelling, infections, pain and scar formation.

What facial dermal fillers does Dr. Mack use?
Dr. Mack uses FDA-approved products including Restylane® and JUVÉDERM® which are hyaluronic acids, in addition to Radiesse®. No skin testing is required for any of these fillers and Dr. Mack performs all of his own injections.


What happens if I completely stop using LATISSE®?
Your eyelashes will regress back to their natural length.

How long does it take for LATISSE® to take full effect?
About 6 weeks.

When can I go on maintenance and use it every couple of days?
After 6 weeks or your desired length.

Do you offer discounts/specials for LATISSE®?
Yes we have discounts for percentages off and BOGO (buy one get one) throughout various months.

Earlobe Repair FAQs

When can I get my ears re-pierced?
6 weeks post-surgery.

Can I do one earlobe repair per visit?

Can I shower?
Yes, but try your hardest to not get the sutures wet.

How long does the procedure take?
About 20 minutes.

Skin Cancer Frequently Asked Questions

If I have a skin graft post-surgery, can I apply ice for swelling?

I had a small lesion removed in your office, what type of post-op care will I need to do?
Just use the prescribed ointment and try to keep it on the dry side.


"I knew I wanted to try BOTOX® Cosmetic, but felt bombarded by all the bad marketing and was unsure where and who to choose"

"I knew I wanted to try BOTOX® Cosmetic, but felt bombarded by all the bad marketing and was unsure where and who to choose for my first treatment."

"I am ecstatic with the results and love Dr. Mack and his incredible staff. I would highly recommend him!"

"Reassured by Dr. Mack, due to his extensive training in his area of specialty and his very caring staff. I was extremely pleased with my results!"